Thursday, December 20, 2007

कबीर - नैहरवा

Kabir's Naiharwa...recently renditioned by Kailash Kher in Kailasa

नैहरवा हम का न भावे...(3)
साई कि नगरी ...परम अति सुन्दर,
जहाँ कोई जाए ना आवे
चाँद सुरज जहाँ, पवन न पानी,
कौ संदेस पहुँचावै
दरद यह... साई को सुनावै
आगे चालौ पंथ नहीं सूझे,
पीछे दोष लगावै
केहि बिधि ससुरे जाऊँ मोरी सजनी,
बिरहा जोर जरावे
विषै रस नाच नचावे
बिन सतगुरु आपनों नहिं कोई,
जो यह राह बतावे
कहत कबीर सुनो भाई साधो,
सपने में प्रीतम आवे
तपन यह जिया की बुझावे

I Don’t Find any Interest in My Parent’s House
My Beloved’s Town is Most Beautiful
However, Nobody Goes or Comes from There
There is no Moon, Sun, Wind or Water There
Then Who Will Take My Message There?
Then Who Will Tell My Pain to My Beloved?

There is No Visible Path to Move Forward
And You Blame the Past for It
How Should the Bride go to the House of the Beloved?
Powerful Pangs of Separation are Burning from Inside
Dual Reality is Fashioning a Dance to Its Tune

There is None Other Than the Guru Who is Mine Who Can Tell the Way
Says Kabir Listen oh Aspirant
Your Beloved Will Come in a Dream-like State
That Alone Will Quench the Thirst of your Heart

In this song Kabir portrays himself like a bride who has gone to her parents house. But having gone there her soul burns from the pangs of separation from her beloved. The bride’s trouble is further complicated because there are no messengers (such as the Sun, Moon, Wind or Water) who can reach and convey her message to the beloved. She has no path or way to solve this problem. Meanwhile the separation is killing her from inside.

Kabir, in his mystical way, is comparing the separation of the individual from the universal self like that of a bride from her beloved. He explains that this insatiable thirst comes from the feeling of separation whose root lies in duality.

He then explains that the only person who can help out of this problem is the Guru. In his final parting signature note, Kabir reveals that the way to reach the beloved is not outside but Inside (similar to a dream-like state) which alone will satisfy the seemingly unending burning thirst.


jay said...

wow.. awesome explaination..
i started liking the songs more and started enjoying it after knowing the exact meaning of it.

Thanks for this

Rae said...

Thanks a ton. Absolutely enjoyed listening to the song after knowing the lyrics. Such pain, such depth reverberating from the lines written in the 14-15th century. What a loss for all of us...we have moved so far away from our Indian seers and their thoughts.
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

great explanation...thanks a lot....i really enjoyed it more after knowing the meaning

Anonymous said...

Could you please post the meaning of this nirguni bhajan by Sant Kabir ?
"Guruji jahan baithu vahan chaya di"

Kalindi said...

amazingly amazing song!!!!!
On top of that the eplanation is vivid...
thanks a lot!!!

Pratik Das said...

Thanks for this post.

Ravi said...

Great song, for centuries people listening and singing this song. awesomely explained. Kailash Kher singing, made it much more interesting.

Unknown said...

good job.. thanks a lot for your wonderful work!!!

Guru said...

I'd read 'Kabir' story in Amar Chitra Katha but reading this post brought it all rushing back before my eyes :

Unknown said...

I love this song..
A song with similar intensity and feel is
Je Anilo Prema Dhana...
(a beautiful song in Vaishnava tradition)
here is the link:

meaning Link:

Ashesh Shrivastava said...

Very Nice !!! Thanks for sharing !!!

@m!t said...

I ignored the first line earlier and the whole thing was of little meaning without it. Then stumbled upon your blog...

Thanks a million. made my day